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"As a realtor I want my clients to have a good, solid, and thorough home inspection. Robert at The Home Detective is exceptionally great at what he does. I myself have learned so much from him throughout the years of recommending him to clients. I love going to home inspections when he's performing them. He's so well informed and I somehow learn something new each and every time one of my clients has a home inspection with him. He knows just about everything there is to know about a home. Another reviewer mentioned that he checked all the nooks and crannies of their home, this made me laugh because it's so true. He checks every single component of a home, from all the plumbing elements; running appliances to ensure they are working properly; checking inside furnaces and electrical outlets and panel; inspecting attics and crawl spaces to driveways and garages; exterior grounds; decks and patios; and roofs and chimneys. This is a shortened general list of all that encompasses an inspection with The Home Detective. An inspection with Robert may take longer than others and this is what any home buyer should and will want. A home purchase is an important transaction and a significant investment, you definitely want someone to take the time needed to perform a thorough inspection. The maintenance tips and advice he gives are very helpful and useful. It helps you understand what you should do to keep your home in great shape and prevent potential future issues. He even gives tips on how to save when using air conditioning or heating systems; how to prevent plumbing issues; and what items you should keep in mind to repair or monitor after occupying the home. My clients are always so pleased with Robert, they end up thanking me for recommending him for their home inspection. If you want an informative and in-depth home inspection, I without a doubt highly recommend The Home Detective and will continue to use them for all future home inspections."   Nelia P. Bethesda, MD

"Thank you again for the thorough inspection yesterday, hands down you're the best!”   Michele Hazeltine- Long and Foster Real Estate

"Robert, Thank you for being available to us so quickly and for doing such a comprehensive inspection and  report. See you next time.“   Valarie Blake, Associate Broker- Prudential Penfed Realty

“It was a real pleasure meeting you too. I am impressed with the way you do your job. I look forward to work with you many more times.”   Zekarias Araya-Medhin- Heymann Realty, LLC

“I can honestly say that in my 12+ years in real estate and mortgage banking, this is the first time I’ve received a call from a home inspector to follow-up on a settlement. Your professionalism is impressive, as is the pride in your work. I will be referring clients/ associates to you and your services moving forward. Thank you again for your follow-up.”   

Jared T. Fanning- Access National Mortgage

“Thanks again for are a GREAT inspector! I will recommend you every opportunity.”  Greta Nicoletti- Long and Foster Real Estate

“Thank you for another job well done!  Bebe was very satisfied with the inspection and spoke of her satisfaction with you as a professional.  I'm not surprised at her feedback -- all clients I send to you give positive comments about you.”  Linda Kibunja- Weichert Realtors

“I want to thank you again for the time you spent during our home inspection and the incredible discount in  price.  You could have done a rush job and I wouldn’t have faulted you for it based on what you charged…but I feel you gave us a full price and thorough home inspection.  Sharon and I are very appreciative.   I continue to value your services and will refer lots of business to you in the future.”   John Young- ReMax

"Robert, Thank you for the thorough inspection."  Val Tedeschi-  Long and Foster Real Estate

"I just wanted to thank you again for supporting Open Window with another one of your superior inspections. Your knowledge and experience is unsurpasable and Michelle and I hope your career is everlasting.  Thanks for all you did! "  Glennis Mitchiner-  Open Window Property Management

"It was a pleasure to meet you today.  I like the way you work, you are very professional and beneficial to the Buyer.  I look forward to calling on you again for my clients.  I will see Carol and thank her for recommending you."  Thank you  Rebecca Lewis-  Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

"Thank you so much for the inspection report and for getting it to us so quickly.  I can’t tell how helpful you have been.  I truly do appreciate all of your efforts"   Mary Jane Kowalchuk-  Witz Realty

"How did I every get so lucky to have met you?  You make my job so easy .Thanks so much.  You're a true professional!"   Emily Lurie-   Long and Foster Real Estate

"Thanks Robert, Great inspection, clients were very pleased."      Jean Fling-  Fairfax Realty

"Thank you much.....for fitting me into your busy schedule!  The report you issued is spot-on with everything you told me, so I appreciate how comprehensive it is.

 I will definitely be passing your name on to anyone who needs a good home inspector in your area!!"    Gloria Dever-   Maryland Real Estate Group, Inc.

"Thank you very much for your service, advice and unparalleled professionalism."  Greg Abramson  Fairfax Realty