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"Excellent support - Robert responded to a call on the weekend and took time to talk us through several residential inspection questions. Thanks!"

"Excellent home inspector! I did my own online research for a home inspector and called Robert before selecting him. I could tell that he was very knowledgeable over the phone - he even teaches home inspection classes. Robert did a great job identifying issues and was EXTREMELY thorough. Throughout the inspection he also provided helpful home maintenance tips. I wish I would have hired Robert prior to buying my first home... A good home inspector is worth it and, unfortunately, you usually don't learn this lesson until after you've owned a house and have experienced all the things that go wrong and the cost of fixing them. I would highly recommend Robert, especially for first-time home buyers.suggestions will help you realize a savings whileWould highly highly recommend Robert! Extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and meticulous. This is the person you want inspecting your future home!"

"Robert has inspected 3 personal homes and many investment properties for me over the past 20 years. I had used several other inspectors before meeting Robert. After seeing him work, there's no way I'd hire anyone else. He's the best and most detailed inspector. I've had him re-inspect every home any other inspector has previously inspected and he has found many significant issues that the others missed. Robert always gives an unbiased opinion on the condition of a home. Robert gives advice on the best way to operate and maintain the home. He provides money-saving suggestions on heating/cooling the home. I've recommended him to many friends and family. Everyone say "Wow, what a great inspector" Robert is certified to test for radon and he uses radon monitors that record the radon level every hour, not just one average number. Far superior. Don't settle for less, hire this guy."  John T. Potomac, MD

"There is no substitute for trust when buying a home. There is so much maintenance-wise that can go wrong with a home and you want to make sure you know all the details upfront so you won't be surprised with a high maintenance cost. While Robert's cost might not be the lowest, they are not the highest and they are worth every penny. Robert took the time to comb through every inch, crack, and crevice of the home I planned to buy. He spend several hours in my home with me present answering any questions I had, providing preventive measure advice and then he spent another few hours providing a detailed report that he provided for my reference. I even had a question a few days later and he was happy to provide me with sound advice. There is nothing more you can ask for but some piece of mind when you are investing in a house. I really appreciate Robert's professionalism and willingness to go that extra mile for me. I really felt that he was looking out for my best interest. He also has decades of experience to backup what he says so you know he is not just making things up. I highly recommend Home Detectives without hesitation. If you want someone to do your home inspection right give these guys a call." 

"We had a pre-inspection with Robert and had a wonderful experience. He was very clear and professional upfront, so we knew costs, time, and expectations. He was very thorough when going through the home, and offered many recommendations that went above and beyond what we'd expect from an inspection. Additionally, he showed up early to get a jump on the inspection and review the exterior of the home.  Highly recommended!" 

"Robert did an amazing job, I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection."

"Robert was amazing. He conducted a very thorough home inspection and made sure to stop and explain the details along the way. He provided countless tips and tricks to maintain our home. As first time home buyers, he successfully put our minds at ease. He also provides a detailed report with notes and suggestions after completing the inspection. Will definitely hire again."

"Robert was an awesome home inspector! I'm a first time home-buyer, and this was my second inspection while searching for a house. I used a different inspector on the first house, and he was good. He recommended that I run away from that house, and I did. For my second house inspection I decided to go with Robert because he seemed very thorough. I was not disappointed. Compared to my first inspection, Robert was on a whole different level. He searched every nook and cranny from the basement floor to the roof. He also did helpful things that my other inspector didn't, like labeling various components of the house (What's this random valve in the closet? Oh, it's the main gas line? Now you know, because it's tagged). He also offered us a TON of advice on the most cost effective ways to improve efficiency in the house. After going through the house with Robert, I feel like I I know exactly what we're buying and how to take care of it. Thank you Robert!"

"We used Robert at Home Detective as part of the inspection for a house we were buying. We found his inspection to be not only thorough in listing out areas of concern, but also useful as a blueprint for future home maintenance. The price was reasonable for the level of detail and service that was provided. I would definitely recommend for anybody that is looking to purchase a home." 

"A good home inspector.  Based on his objective and honest reports we  cancelled one contract  (the house turned out to be in a bad shape)  and found what we actually needed. 

Thanks, Robert."  Silver Spring, MD
 "Robert was excellent and takes this very important job very seriously. He checked every nook and cranny of the house, knocked on every floor tile, and tested all systems  

 completely. His recommendations served us very well to satisfy our home inspection contingency and will continue to help us make repairs and improvements for years to come.

Very thorough overall and exactly what we needed to make an informed decision."   Rockville, MD

"Robert was outstanding. He's been in the business for over 20 years and knows everything about homes. He took lots of time with us to explain everything he was doing and to give us useful tips on home maintenance. We felt like our inspection was a 2 hour home maintenance tutorial!  I would highly recommend Robert."  Washington, DC
"Robert was very thorough in his inspection. He went over every detail in depth with us and gave advice on how to maintain our new home. He was very nice and easy to talk to."
Upper Marlboro, MD
"Robert was excellent. He patiently explained every aspect of his report and meticulously documented every aspect of the home, leaving us with recommendations and an excellent record of the condition of the house."  Silver Spring, MD
"I highly recommend using him for your home inspection. Our experienced with his work ethic is superb, He explain what we need to know about the house and recommendation what to look for and how it work. You will get a home inspection and knowledge at the same time. Very friendly and easy work with." 

"Robert is the most committed home inspector I have ever seen. You can tell he really loves his job. For us, he did a pre-inspection in one house, and a full inspection in another (which we ended up buying) . He climbed every height, squeezed in every crevice and tested every feature of the house with meticulous focus. He must have lost 2 pounds and put about 12K steps in his Fitbit -if he wears one- just in the half a day he invested in inspecting the house. He peppered his inspection with real time explanations of all the minor issues he found and what the proper remediations could be. He also provided recommendations for professionals who could address the different issues, and gave us a report with pictures and all his notes within 24 h of the inspection. At the end of his visit, he stood in front of us with all covered in dust and proclaimed with the widest smile "beautiful house! you are going to be so happy here!" . His genuine, positive enthusiasm and the reassurances he gave us about the house was just what I needed to feel super good about the purchase. Thank you for the most outstanding service!"

"I would highly recommend Bobby Goldberg for any home inspection you might need! My fiance and I reached out to him the day that a property was listed and he was able to make room in his schedule to come out the very next day to inspect it. He did an incredibly thorough job inspecting the house and we felt extremely confident in his "stamp of approval" on the house. We are very happy to say that it is now our home!  Without Bobby's quick response and helpful advice, we would not have felt comfortable giving such a strong offer which is needed in the current market. If we were going through the home buying process again tomorrow, there's no doubt that we would give Bobby another call!" 

 "Robert was referred from our realtor. He is an awesome inspector. He explained so well that we learned so much about our new home from him. It took about 4 hrs to inspect our home and he is very thorough and very professional. He pays attention to all the details and he inspects home as if it was his. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs their home inspected. I'd give him a 10 star if it's possible! "

"Fantastic experience and highly recommended! I've used other home inspectors before and I would never take that risk again having meet Robert. Value exceeds all other services for a great price"

"Very intelligent and experienced !"   Andrew C. Bethesda, MD

"Did a great job, got out to the property quickly and provided same day (report) reading."   Dan W.  Kensington, MD

The Home Detective - established 1996

"Robert is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He really wants the home buyer to be informed about the house in both maintenance and current status. He saved me when buying a house because he went the extra mile to look at the hard to see and hard to get to part of my roof and found water damage. No one would have seen that by just taking a quick glance. Because he caught it I could negotiate for a fix. Just amazing. As a less than handy person I know I need a more experienced eye and I thank my lucky stars I found Robert. He really holds true to professional pride and old school work ethic. He won’t let you down."

"Robert is fantastic! He is extremely knowledgeable and takes pride in providing superior service to his customers. I appreciate him taking his time to explain each step throughout the process thoroughly. I highly recommend his services!"   Decola J. Silver Spring, MD

"Somehow thorough does not do enough to describe the job that Robert did on our new home inspection. We learned a lot about our new home and how best to take care of it.  I highly recommend Robert." 

"Very thorough. He genuinely cares about his work and your home!"

 "Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value "

"Would highly highly recommend Robert! Extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and meticulous. This is the person you want inspecting your future home!"

"Highly recommend Robert and Home Detective Services. Robert is a professional through and through. He made sure the inspection process for buying our first home was seamless. He went above and beyond checking everything in the house (roofs, outlets, crawl spaces, attics, electrical box etc.) and walked us through his findings. He patiently spent time to answer any and all questions ensuring we felt comfortable with the house and what improvements needed to be completed immediately, somewhat soon, or down the road. We bought an old house and wanted someone we could trust -- Robert earned our trust from our first phone call and we felt confident in his findings during the inspection. Even after the inspection, he has made himself available to answer questions."

 "Robert went above and beyond! He found all the needles in the hay stacks. Literally. Thanks, Robert. "

"We are first time home buyers and Robert was wonderful to work with during our pre-inspection. We were under some time constraints from the seller's agent, yet he still found time to share a host of resources with us and teach us some DIY tricks to home maintenance throughout the inspection.

Highly recommend!"

"I had Rob for two different home inspections, and he was professional, friendly, and extremely thorough for both of them. He gave me a good handle on what I would need to fix myself as a new homeowner, and what I should hire a professional to do. For my first inspection (pre-inspection in an offer), he spent three hours touring the 1300 square foot house, whereas three other inspectors came and went during that time period.  Rob was super thorough and walked me step by step through what he was doing. I highly recommend walking through with your inspector, since they should explain everything they are noting, and probably give you a heads up about some of the more minor things that they won't necessarily write up."  Washington, DC
"Robert was very detailed and very clear with his recommendations during the purchase of my first home!  He gave me all kinds of tips and did not show any bias."

Germantown, MD

"Robert was amazing, very detailed in his inspection and recommendations on care. He even sent along tutorials to monitor or fix some of the things he saw. Highly recommend!"

"Where to even begin?! Robert deserves a review as detailed and as thorough as the home inspection he gave us, however, words could not even do justice for the exemplary service he gave us. But I’ll do my best... Robert left no stone unturned when inspecting our 127 year old house. His knowledge of such a historic property was unparalleled. He knew exactly what to look for in a house of this age. Robert takes attention to detail to the next level. While most people would assume a new roof has no issues, he climbed up there to find the only nail sticking up and preventing a shingle from laying correctly. Robert also goes as far as to educate his clients throughout the entire inspection. For someone like myself who doesn’t know a whole lot about houses and homeownership, the insight and information he provides is invaluable. Take it from me, if you have anyone other than The Home Detective Robert Goldberg doing your home inspection you are doing yourself a great disservice."

"Robert has an outstanding level of expertise on any subject relating to Home: From VOCs, to construction code, air flow, mold, radon, gas, filtration, venting and so much more. He is also friendly and his desire to help is remarkable.  He has decades of experience in the field of home inspection." 

"Robert is thorough, gives straight answers, and goes above and beyond what we expected when having a new home inspected. As other reviewers detail, he not only searches high and low for any potential issues, he also takes the time to answer questions, suggest preventive maintenance tips, and encourages you to reach out with any questions, even if it is months later. Can't recommend him highly enough. He clearly enjoys his work, and it shows.." 

 "Quite possibly the best inspector I've ever worked with! "

  Lydia G Kensington, MD

"This was the second time we used Robert's services for inspecting a home before buying. We believe that it is critical to get a good inspection for a home that we are putting a huge amount of money on, so we tried to go for the best. Robert goes above and beyond the basic requirements for inspection, in order to help us understand the true condition of the property and what kind of issues to expect in the future as well. His tips for saving on certain maintenance are awesome and it is actually a pleasure to go around the home performing "detective" work. I would have given him 6 stars if i could." 

"I can’t say enough good things about Robert (the Home Detective); he’s the best! I’m a first time home owner and I wanted the most thorough, detailed inspector I could find. I got him! Robert is incredibly thorough, generous with his time and knowledge, and kind. I really value that he aims to be both an inspector and an educator. While going through the inspection he taught me all kinds of things I need to know about my house and various ways to maintain and improve it. But, his generosity didn’t end there: he sent along a very detailed report for me to use in the buying process, several documents helping to map out what home maintenance will involve, and informally recommended electricians, plumbers, and window stores that he knows and trusts. I even called him a few days later to talk through a few questions that had come up while negotiating with the seller and he gave me another 45 minutes of his time and expertise. I would absolutely recommend him to friends and family and will certainly hope to use him again, should I ever need another home inspector."

"This is my third time using Robert's services. Home inspectors don't get better than him. He is thourogh and extremely knowledgeable at his craft. Robert is personable and will educate you on every aspect of the home inspection process. I learned so much in the hours I spent with him. He will give you lots of tips so take good notes. He will make himself available if you need any future advice on maintaining your home. His prices are very reasonable. Robert takes what he does very serious and values the customer and looks out for their best interests. He's licensed in so many things I can't even count. If you are looking for someone reliable and honest please give the home detective a call...Thank you Robert !!!!!." 

"Robert was really great--very thorough, great customer service, and flexible with scheduling.  Would highly recommend."  Washington, DC
"Robert was able to do our home inspection within 48 hours of our request. He was very thorough in his inspection. We particularly appreciated the time he took to point out things we could do to maintain the house properly. Overall, we are were very pleased and impressed with his work!"  Washington, DC

"Robert was fantastic! He was friendly and obviously has spent a lot of years gaining a lot of experience. Not only did he spend almost 3 hours on a 2 bed-room condo, but as he was going through the inspection he was full of tips on how to conserve energy, when to replace what, even how to keep a whirlpool tub working great. He made sure we felt welcome to call him after the inspection with any additional questions or even for appliance reviews.  I definitely recommend him."  Washington, DC

 "Extremely through, knowledgeable, and friendly. I just bought my first home and he easily answered all my questions and walked me though everything he looked at. He even suggests things to help save costs and prevent issues. Highly recommend."


"Robert was extremely thorough and very professional. He also gave me some valuable advice on preventive measures that I can take to keep my home in good working order."  Dhamayanthy P. Bethesda, MD

"Robert with Home Detective was great, he was a big help and gave us detailed information and tips in order to prolong the life cycle of our appliances and features of the house. he also provided great tips for creating a more efficient house."    Ian A. Silver Spring, MD

"Very thorough inspection with detailed items of concerns along with pictures that I used as a checklist to make home mechanically sound and safe. Worth every penny I paid."
Joe P. Emmitsburg, MD

Redfin Reviews

"Robert was simply amazing. He arrived well before the inspection time to get started prior to me and my realtors arrival. When I got there the first thing that he presented to me were some products that would assist in the maintenance and longevity of the home. Considering that I am a first time homebuyer I was looking for someone that would be informative and thorough and he was just that. Additionally, he had his partner working with him as well so I was fortunate to receive two inspectors for the price of one. I seen every part of the home and then some and learned far more than I could have imagined. Not only will I be using him again but I will be recommending him to all of my family and friends as well. Additionally, Robert provided reading material at the end of the inspection with homeownership tips on how to protect your home. I do not know a lot about home inspectors but I would bet my last dollar that other inspectors are not doing that. He goes above and beyond and you will not be disappointed. Can we give The Home Detective more than five stars!?"