The Home Detective - established 1996

"I had Rob for two different home inspections, and he was professional, friendly, and extremely thorough for both of them. He gave me a good handle on what I would need to fix myself as a new homeowner, and what I should hire a professional to do. For my first inspection (pre-inspection in an offer), he spent three hours touring the 1300 square foot house, whereas three other inspectors came and went during that time period.  Rob was super thorough and walked me step by step through what he was doing. I highly recommend walking through with your inspector, since they should explain everything they are noting, and probably give you a heads up about some of the more minor things that they won't necessarily write up."  Washington, DC
"Robert was very detailed and very clear with his recommendations during the purchase of my first home!  He gave me all kinds of tips and did not show any bias."

Germantown, MD

"Robert was really great--very thorough, great customer service, and flexible with scheduling.  Would highly recommend."  Washington, DC
"Robert was able to do our home inspection within 48 hours of our request. He was very thorough in his inspection. We particularly appreciated the time he took to point out things we could do to maintain the house properly. Overall, we are were very pleased and impressed with his work!"  Washington, DC

"Robert was fantastic! He was friendly and obviously has spent a lot of years gaining a lot of experience. Not only did he spend almost 3 hours on a 2 bed-room condo, but as he was going through the inspection he was full of tips on how to conserve energy, when to replace what, even how to keep a whirlpool tub working great. He made sure we felt welcome to call him after the inspection with any additional questions or even for appliance reviews.  I definitely recommend him."  Washington, DC

"Robert is fantastic! He is extremely knowledgeable and takes pride in providing superior service to his customers. I appreciate him taking his time to explain each step throughout the process thoroughly. I highly recommend his services!"   Decola J. Silver Spring, MD

Redfin Reviews

 "Quite possibly the best inspector I've ever worked with! "

  Lydia G Kensington, MD

"Robert has inspected 3 personal homes and many investment properties for me over the past 20 years. I had used several other inspectors before meeting Robert. After seeing him work, there's no way I'd hire anyone else. He's the best and most detailed inspector. I've had him re-inspect every home any other inspector has previously inspected and he has found many significant issues that the others missed. Robert always gives an unbiased opinion on the condition of a home. Robert gives advice on the best way to operate and maintain the home. He provides money-saving suggestions on heating/cooling the home. I've recommended him to many friends and family. Everyone say "Wow, what a great inspector" Robert is certified to test for radon and he uses radon monitors that record the radon level every hour, not just one average number. Far superior. Don't settle for less, hire this guy."  John T. Potomac, MD

"                              A good home inspector.  Based on his objective and honest reports we  cancelled one contract  (the house turned out to be in a bad shape)  and found what we actually needed. 

                               Thanks, Robert."  Silver Spring, MD
                              "Robert was excellent and takes this very important job very seriously. He checked every nook and cranny of the house, knocked on every floor tile, and tested all systems             

                               completely. His recommendations served us very well to satisfy our home inspection contingency and will continue to help us make repairs and improvements for years to come.

                               Very thorough overall and exactly what we needed to make an informed decision."   Rockville, MD

Robert was outstanding. He's been in the business for over 20 years and knows everything about homes. He took lots of time with us to explain everything he was doing and to give us useful tips on home maintenance. We felt like our inspection was a 2 hour home maintenance tutorial!  I would highly recommend Robert."  Washington, DC
"Robert was very thorough in his inspection. He went over every detail in depth with us and gave advice on how to maintain our new home. He was very nice and easy to talk to."
Upper Marlboro, MD
"Robert was excellent. He patiently explained every aspect of his report and meticulously documented every aspect of the home, leaving us with recommendations and an excellent record of the condition of the house."  Silver Spring, MD
"I highly recommend using him for your home inspection. Our experienced with his work ethic is superb, He explain what we need to know about the house and recommendation what to look for and how it work. You will get a home inspection and knowledge at the same time. Very friendly and easy work with."   John K Boyds, MD


"Robert was extremely thorough and very professional. He also gave me some valuable advice on preventive measures that I can take to keep my home in good working order."Dhamayanthy P. Bethesda, MD

"Robert with Home Detective was great, he was a big help and gave us detailed information and tips in order to prolong the life cycle of our appliances and features of the house. he also provided great tips for creating a more efficient house."    Ian A. Silver Spring, MD

"Very thorough inspection with detailed items of concerns along with pictures that I used as a checklist to make home mechanically sound and safe. Worth every penny I paid."
Joe P. Emmitsburg, MD